How to Benefit from Cosmetic Dentistry?

Pulling out teeth or filling a cavity is not just the job dentists are involved in. Presently many people are turning towards cosmetic dentistry as a method of improving their appearance. They adopt this procedure in the same way as walking into a salon to change their style. The benefits of cosmetic dentistry are allowing people to repair, straighten, reshape, and lighten their teeth.

The type of cosmetic treatments offered by dentists include crowns, bridges, veneers, tooth-colored fillings, tooth whitening, and implants.

How to Choose a Cosmetic Dentist?

Choosing a cosmetic dentist will require you to understand whether the professional chosen has received the qualifications needed along with the training to conduct cosmetic procedures. The tips for choosing a cosmetic dentist are simple but will require you to research properly to learn whether he or she is making efforts to stay a step ahead of the competition by learning how the latest products and technology are benefiting the patient and supporting responsible aesthetics and systemic oral health. People will benefit if they decide to choose the Alpharetta dentist for the procedure they need to improve their appearance and smile.

What Are the Common Questions Asked by Patients?

Patients generally have many questions in their minds when they approach a cosmetic dentist for the dental care they need. They may begin by asking about whether clear braces are effective for straightening crooked teeth, how they can improve their smile if they don’t like it, what are the costs of getting a new smile, and why they should be attempting to change their appearance. Given below are a few answers that can help patients.

A Great Smile Improves Self-Confidence

One of the benefits of cosmetic dentistry is that it can provide patients with a great smile which can have a positive impact on their lives and improve their self-confidence. New techniques and materials are now available for the visible teeth in the front as well as the posterior teeth at the back. Patients can remain confident their mouth will look great, become healthy, and function better than before at the same time. They just need to inquire with the dentist at cosmetic dentistry in Alpharetta, GA, about what’s available for them.

What Will My New Smile Appear like?

The Alpharetta dentist will work with the patient to choose the right smile for them. A smile enhancement will be made that appears natural as well as dramatic. The dentist will also use photographs and models to show the patient what can be expected. For visualizing changes materials of the trial will be placed directly on the teeth of the patient. Asking the dentist about what needs to be done to have the smile the patient desires will prove helpful.

How Many Visits Are Required to Improve My Smile?

The number of visitors will vary with every individual depending on his or her needs. Dramatic improvements to oral health and appearance can be made at times in just a couple of visits. The dentists will be working with the patient to develop the best plan for their unique requirements. It will, however, help if the patient prefers a longer visit rather than visiting the dentist’s office frequently. The matter can be discussed with the dentist to get a better idea.

What Are the Costs of Getting a New Smile?

The difficulty of the procedure, as well as the time needed to complete the same, will determine the cost of the services. When trying to improve the appearance of the teeth different combinations of treatments like bleaching, using bonded materials, reshaping the gums, and other procedures are needed. Discussing with the cosmetic surgeon in Alpharetta is suggested to determine how the patient can reach his or her goal within the shortest time possible at the best prices.

Can Patients Get Teeth in a Day?

A popular advertising slogan is being used by many dental implant centers which are typically misleading and offer patients teeth in a day. The Alpharetta dentist does not subscribe to this view because even the minor treatments may require a couple of days to complete. Therefore teeth in a day are nothing but hype rather than reality.

Patients needing additional advice are recommended to contact cosmetic dentistry in Alpharetta, GA, that will be able to guide them after inquiring into their unique requirements. The patient will get the information needed to improve their smiles from a qualified dentist who can provide various types of services that will help the patient to achieve his or her goal.

Invisalign Clear Aligners Are the Better Alternatives To Braces

If you want the most advanced, efficient, and safe treatment for teeth straightening you will not find a better alternative than Invisalign clear braces. These can improve your smile without wires or brackets to provide you the treatment faster by approximately 50 percent. After hearing about Invisalign your first thought would be “I should contact the dentist office near me” to understand why these aligners are better than traditional braces. However, you can also obtain the information needed by visiting an Invisalign doctor site by researching the Internet. We are providing you some information about Invisalign to give you an indication of what you can expect if you prefer this option compared to traditional braces.

Why You Should Prefer Invisalign Over Traditional Braces?

Traditional braces although being used for quite some time and also providing results have currently become outdated because many people do not want to have wires and brackets in their mouth when they are attempting to straighten their teeth. This option can dent the confidence of people who may not want to display the ungainly braces in their mouth especially before their friends and family members.

Invisalign can provide people with a modern and fully digitized experience to help them get the smile they want, the way they prefer. People can confidently opt for Invisalign over any other type of orthodontic treatment because it can help them to straighten their teeth by preventing the use of metal braces which are customary with the traditional variety. With Invisalign people will be able to wear a series of customized clear braces developed with plastic aligners that help to position the teeth properly. If you are considering this option it is suggested that you contact Invisalign Alpharetta for advice about why this option should be preferred.

What Are The Costs of Invisalign?

According to the manufacturer, the cost of Invisalign is between $3500-$8000. Your Alpharetta dentist can provide you a better estimate of the price by considering the extent of alignment needed by your teeth along with the number of aligners. Traditional braces will cost you in the region of $2500-$6000 and the cost may vary according to individual requirements. It can, therefore, be seen that the variance in prices is not much despite being higher by a small margin. However, the convenience offered by Invisalign will more than compensate for any extra dollars you may have to spend to straighten your teeth for having the smile you always wanted.

What Are The Benefits Offered by Invisalign?

Unlike traditional braces which remain in your mouth and are visible to everyone Invisalign offers you many benefits to help you with your oral hygiene. While traditional braces will leave lesions on your teeth after they are removed this option will prevent such occurrences because the braces can easily be removed and replaced whenever you want. It gives you the freedom to have the foods you love, brush and floss your teeth after a meal and most importantly continue to remain virtually invisible. It simply means that you can continue living your life as you want while also caring for your teeth as you have always done throughout the treatment.

Invisalign Is Also A Healthy Option

If you prefer to get your braces from Invisalign Alpharetta you can be confident that you are choosing a healthy option for straightening your teeth. This is because apart from serving their purpose the aligners can also make you lose weight. Are you wondering how braces to straighten your teeth can also make you lose weight? When you discuss this subject with Invisalign Cumming GA you will receive information that the aligners need to be worn for approximately 22 hours leaving you just two hours to have your meals every day. At some point, you may become bored to remove and replace the aligners regularly and may decide to skip a meal or two during the treatment. Eventually, you will not only have straight teeth and a great smile but will also have lost some weight making you a fitter person. Don’t you think this is a great option especially if you are also looking to lose weight for improving your overall appearance?

You can discuss the option of having Invisalign with your dentist, consider the costs as well as the benefits, and the results you are likely to derive by using this option as compared to traditional braces. We are confident you will decide in favor of Invisalign because you will be convinced by your dentist that it is indeed the best option available.

Getting a Straighter Smile Doesn’t Always Require a Trip to an Orthodontist

It used to be that if someone wanted to achieve a straighter smile, they had to search for orthodontic treatment near them.

That sometimes resulted in limited and expensive choices for a smile makeover.

Fortunately, things have changed in modern dentistry in recent years, and patients can now search for a dentist near them for treatment options such as Invisalign® dental aligners.

You may have heard about Invisalign. Their breakthrough technology has helped countless patients around the country – and around the world – achieve a straighter, more even smile in record time. But if you’re wondering how these clear dental aligners can provide the same benefits to your smile, keep reading to learn more.

ou Can Benefit from Invisalign in Alpharetta, GA

Whether you’re located in Alpharetta, GA or any of our neighboring cities like Cumming, Dunwoody, Johns Creek, or more, you can achieve the following benefits from Main Street Dental when you book an appointment for an Invisalign consultation.

Unlike traditional braces, these clear dental aligners have no unsightly metal wires. And since it’s these same unsightly metal wires that have prevented so many people from pursuing a straighter smile, this is probably the biggest benefit to patients in the greater Alpharetta area.

Also, the treatment time when wearing Invisalign is often considerably less than metal braces. In fact, most adult patients achieve the results they’ve dreamed of for years in as little as 12 months!

Another great benefit that patients appreciate – especially adult patients in professional work settings – is that the clear aligners can be removed for short periods of time. This means if you have a weekly meeting with management, you can discreetly remove your aligner and no one will know about your smile makeover goals except for you and your dentist!

Teenagers Love Invisalign – And as a Parent, You Will Too!

Dental work can sometimes be expensive. So, when your teenager comes to you and promises that they’ll wear their dental aligners exactly as recommended, you want to trust that they’ll respect the financial investment that you’re making for their future smile.

That being said, teenagers will be teenagers, and it’s impossible to monitor their activities 24/7. You want to trust them, but you also want to make sure they’re doing as they promised.

Fortunately, with the special technology that Invisalign has built into their teen wear products, such as Invisalign Teen in Cumming, you’ll be able to trust your teen’s follow-through.

The technology used in Invisalign Teen includes small blue dots on the aligners that will fade when they are worn for the recommended 20-22 hours a day.

This means you can discreetly monitor their wearing habits and counsel them on recommitting to their promise, if needed.

It also means that you’ll stay ahead of spending money on something that your teenager doesn’t respect the cost of the procedures.

How to Get Started with Invisalign in Roswell or the Greater Alpharetta, GA Area

We’ve found that one of the things patients worry about the most when considering a smile makeover is the cost.

If that’s what’s been holding you back, you might be happy to learn that the costs for Invisalign may be covered by most insurance carriers. You can either call your provider or call the dental care team at Main Street Dentistry to learn if your particular plan covers treatment.

Also, remember that Main Street Dental offers affordable payment plan options to cover any outstanding costs.

We know that making a decision for a smile makeover can be a daunting task. To encourage you that you’ll be in expert hands at Main Street Dental, we invite you to take time right now to read our many five-star reviews from patients that we’ve been treating for more than 20 years!

We’d Love to Meet You and Your Family Today

So, what are you waiting for? You can make an appointment today for a smile consultation for Invisalign treatment in our Alpharetta dentist office – or you can schedule an appointment for any one of the other general and cosmetic dentistry services we provide, and we’ll discuss Invisalign with you then. Either way, we look forward to meeting you!

Everything You Need to Know About Dental Bridges

Dentists try very hard to keep their patients’ teeth healthy and intact. Sometimes a patient will still lose a tooth to decay or accident, despite their best efforts. Losing a tooth, or a few teeth, may seem like it is the end to a beautiful smile, but that is where dental bridges come in. Dental bridges are a prosthesis used to replace missing teeth. Usually, they are placed between two intact teeth. Main Street Dentistry can provide dental bridges in Alpharetta GA to give you your smile back.

Types of Dental Bridges

There are two primary types of dental bridges. Each type has its pros and cons, and it is up to you to decide which one you feel would be best. Speak to your provider about which type is right for you.

Fixed Dental Bridge

A fixed dental bridge is put into your mouth permanently. It can only be removed by a dentist. Fixed bridges are attached to the adjacent teeth. They need a special type of floss to clean under them, so they are harder to keep clean than removable bridges, but they offer a more natural look and feel.

The most common of these bridges are made up of two crowns, one on either end, and the false tooth, or teeth, in the center. The two crowns are secured to the adjacent teeth on each side at which point the false teeth in the center create the bridge.

The second type of fixed bridge is made up of the false teeth in the center, and a type of framework on either side that gets bonded to the back of the adjacent teeth. This allows your natural teeth to stay visible, and it is less invasive.

The third type of fixed bridge is an implant-supported bridge. This type of bridge is the strongest, but it is also the most invasive. The implant must be surgically placed into your jawbone, and then the bridge must be placed onto the implant.

Removable Dental Bridge

A removable dental bridge is made by creating false teeth on a metal or plastic framework. This is made to fit in the gap between adjacent teeth perfectly. These are much simpler to construct. They require no surgical procedures, so they are usually cheaper than fixed dental bridges. Removable dental bridges can be taken out and cleaned thoroughly, and they make it easier to keep the rest of your mouth clean. The drawback to removable dental bridges is that they do not always feel as natural as fixed bridges, and it may take longer to get used to them.


Procedures vary based on the type of bridge you and your provider choose. The least invasive procedure only requires two visits. The first visit is when you come in to have your enamel tested, and the adjacent teeth prepped. The second visit is when you come back to have the bridge placed. Some of the more complicated procedures include taking measurements of the area that needs to be bridged, surgically placing implants, and then coming back for the bridge to be placed.


The benefits of having a dental bridge are numerous. They keep the adjacent teeth from moving away from their intended places. They allow all the teeth in your mouth to continue working as intended. When you have missing teeth, the other teeth in your mouth can become stressed and prone to breaking and decay because your bite is no longer even.

Having missing teeth can also cause your face to be unsupported. This can cause a droopy look. Dental bridges can correct facial structure issues due to missing teeth. Eating, talking, and even drinking water can become harder to do with missing teeth. Bridges correct these problems.


Dental bridges are an important part of restorative dentistry. They can not only make you more confident in your smile but also correct all the oral health issues associated with missing teeth. There are two types to choose from, and each type offers its own unique advantages. Let one of our providers help you decide which option is best.

We care deeply about your health and confidence. Find a Main Street Dentistry dentist near you to inquire about getting your dental bridges in Alpharetta Georgia today.

laser treatment for gum disease

Preventing or Treating Gum Disease

Main Street Dentistry works with many patients each day to preserve their oral health by preventing or treating periodontal disease.


Gingivitis is the beginning stage of gum disease and is characterized by inflammation present in the gums. Gingivitis is often noticed because the gums look irritated and become red or swollen. If the swelling or inflammation is severe, it can cause a lot of pain.

Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease can get serious without treatment and alter the way you speak and eat. It affects the softer tissues in the mouth as well as harder tissues and can lead to teeth becoming unstable and falling out.

Common Signs of Periodontitis

If you believe that you or someone you love may be developing periodontal disease, there are some signs you can look out for. Once the gum disease is present in the mouth, it will continue to worsen without dental treatment. Some of the signs of gum disease include:

  • Bleeding in the gums when flossing or brushing teeth
  • Bad breath that does not go away with brushing, mouthwash, etc.
  • Pain when chewing or putting pressure on teeth
  • Gaps or spaces that begin to develop between teeth
  • Teeth that begin to feel as if they are loosening
  • Gums that are tender, swollen, or showing signs of redness

Treatment & Prevention

While you can keep your teeth as clean as possible by brushing and flossing properly at home, it is recommended that you visit a dentist near you at least twice a year to make sure that your oral health is pristine. A healthy mouth is essential to preventing gum disease, and visiting your dentist often can help them prevent the development of gum disease before symptoms worsen.

Patients in Alpharetta can call Main Street Dentistry to schedule an appointment. We provide premier dental care and use the latest techniques to prevent gum disease. Our goal is to help patients achieve excellent oral health, so give us a call today to speak with someone on our team.

Root Canal Treatments in Alpharetta, Ga

Clearing Up a Few Misconceptions About Root Canal Treatments

There are some myths about root canal treatment that have led people to believe that the procedure is painful. In reality, the procedure helps to eliminate pain from an infected or compromised tooth. Another myth that floated around for a while is that the procedure causes bacteria to linger inside root canals.

What the Experts Have to Say About Root Canal Specialist Therapy

Fortunately, the American Dental Association (ADA), the American Association of Endodontists, and the American Association of Dental Research (AADR) have all come forward to affirm that a claim such as that has absolutely no scientific basis. So, what do you need to know about the benefits of treatment? Keep reading to learn what a dentist near you in Alpharetta has to say!

About Alpharetta Root Canal Treatment

If you’ve also mistakenly heard the myth that a root canal procedure is an uncommon one, it’s important to note that this treatment is one of the most common dental procedures performed each year. It consists of removing the infected pulp and filling the gap left behind. A crown is then placed over the tooth to seal the area. Another great perk about this treatment protocol is that patients are usually able to drive themselves home or back to their workplace after their procedure.

Focusing on the Main Benefit of the Procedure

This procedure is a great way to save a damaged or infected tooth instead of having to remove it and replace it with implants or bridges. It’s also a more cost-effective option than those procedures. In reality, there is nothing better you can do for your oral health than to preserve your natural teeth. After that, the next best thing is to save and restore them, which is exactly what root canal therapy does.

Say Good-Bye to the Misconceptions

Now that you’ve read this article and have armed yourself with some facts about the root canal procedure, fear should be one of the last emotions you experience when searching for a root canal dentist near you in Alpharetta! Instead, embrace the thought of a restored, pain-free smile. Make an appointment today to learn more!

Teeth Whitening Dentist Near you

Teeth Whitening Can Cause Sensitive Teeth

One reason that people search for a “dentist near me” is to take advantage of one of the most common smile makeover treatments in the area — professional teeth whitening in Alpharetta. And another reason for seeking treatment from a specialist in the area is to avoid something that many over-the-counter whitening treatment users experience – tooth sensitivity. So, how can you prevent sensitive teeth and still get the benefit of a whiter smile? By trusting the procedure to a dental professional. Keep reading to learn more.

The Pitfalls of Over-the-Counter Bleaching Products

Bleaching solutions used in teeth whitening usually include some form of peroxide. When using drug store products, users may not fully understand the absorbency within the enamel of their teeth and make errors in judgment that could result in long-term tooth sensitivity. But when a dental specialist oversees the procedure, this pitfall can be avoided.

Another Reason to Trust the Treatment to the Professionals

As mentioned earlier, the condition of your teeth will play a significant role when using over-the-counter teeth whitening products. While you can buy teeth whitening treatments from the drugstore, the chemicals in them can be harmful and may cause tooth sensitivity with continued use. Chips, cracks, or weakened enamel allows for teeth whitening solutions to get inside the tooth and cause irritation. But the teeth whitening treatment from Main Street Dentistry is easy to use and won’t damage your teeth or gums.

What to Expect from Your Professional Tooth Whitening Appointment

If you’re interested in whitening your teeth in the safest possible way, contact us today to schedule an appointment. During that time, we’ll take an impression of your mouth and use it to create a custom bleach splint to fit your smile. These splints are similar in appearance to a mouth guard and are used to hold the professional-grade whitening material against your teeth. You can usually pick up your custom splints within a day or two after your appointment. You’ll wear these mouth guards for a few hours each day or at night while you sleep. And here’s the best part – you’ll start to notice dramatic results in a matter of days instead of the weeks or months that over-the-counter products can take!

Is It Time?

If you want to brighten your smile in the safest possible way, book an appointment with our Alpharetta, GA office for a teeth whitening treatment today!

Dental Exam in Alpharetta, Ga

The Benefits of Regular Dental Exams

Our dentists at Main Street Dentistry value the care and quality of your teeth and dental care. We recommend regular dental exams and professional cleanings at least twice a year with our dentists. To learn more about the benefits of regular dental exams at Main Street Dentistry, we encourage you to continue reading on.

Professional Dental Cleanings

Professional cleanings are vital in protecting your oral health. During one of your regular appointments with our dentists, they will effectively remove all the hidden plaque from your teeth as well as the tartar from your gum lines. This treatment helps to prevent tooth decay and allows for fresher breath.

Importance of Routine Exams

Recent studies have shown the link between a healthy mouth and a healthy body. Regular dental exams allow your dentist to detect problems. This can eventually save you on time and money spent on various treatments and procedures for your smile. Your dentist will also supply you with x-rays of your jaw and mouth. This will show your dentist any hidden dental problems you may have as well as helps your dentist to have a full picture of your teeth. They will also assess the health of your teeth and gums.

Establishing a relationship with your personal dentist team during your regular dental exams will allow them to become familiar with your unique set of needs. This is important in emergency situations and allows us to quickly and effectively help you in order to move along with your personalized treatment plan.

Schedule a dental exam with one of our dentists and begin experiencing the benefits of regular dental care with our team. Call our clinic today for any questions you may have or for more information on what will happen during your next appointment.

Dental Sealants in Alpharetta, Ga

Benefits of Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are a common dental procedure. Our dentists at Main Street Dentistry in Georgia provide high-quality dental sealant procedures for our patients. Why are dental sealants important and what are the benefits? Read on to find out for yourself!

When Is the Best Time to Get Dental Sealants?

Dental sealants protect the tooth’s surface from bacteria and debris. It acts as a barrier to protect the natural surface of your tooth. As soon as your permanent tooth erupts, your dentist will suggest putting dental sealants on your teeth. They may also suggest it if you have prevalent tooth decay. Talk to your dentist if dental sealants are the best choice for your situation.

What Is the Procedure?

Before applying the dental sealant, your teeth will be completely cleaned and examined. The material is then placed on your teeth and then hardened with a light our dentists use. Sealants provide extra protection to all grooved areas and small fissures. Dental sealants are a safe and reliable procedure for avoiding cavities for anyone at any age.

What Are the Benefits?

  • Having a dental sealant procedure on your teeth will save you money in the long run. You won’t have to spend all the extra money for fillings and getting rid of your cavities. It also allows you less time at the dentist, since you won’t need further procedures.
  • Dental sealants improve your overall health and well-being. Tooth decay can lead to more severe issues in the future. Your sealants will prevent and help you to avoid dental problems.
  • It is an easy procedure that doesn’t cause you any pain. The other option is a painful and long dental filling procedure.

Talk to your dentist about getting dental sealants for you. Get on track to protecting your oral health!

Invisalign Treatment Near you

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign is a very popular and effective alternative to traditional wire-and-bracket braces for straightening teeth. It’s more comfortable and more convenient, as the aligners are easier to care for and eat with. However, it is still an orthodontic treatment, which means that it requires specific management in order for the treatment to be successful. Here are a few tips on maximizing the results of your Invisalign treatment.

  • Know how to care for your aligners.

    Keep your aligners clean using warm water and antibacterial soap. There are also products available from Invisalign to clean trays, but mild soap and water usually do a good job. It is not advised to clean the aligners with toothpaste, as it can scratch the plastic, creating places for bacteria to live.

  • Keep your mouth extra clean.

    You’re probably already brushing every day and (hopefully) flossing at least a few times a week. Once you begin the Invisalign treatment, however, it’ll be especially important to floss every day. The aligners can hold any debris left over after your cleaning routine right up against your teeth. Normally, your saliva can help clear this away, but it won’t be able to when the aligners are in place. To make sure your teeth are as clean as they can be and to reduce your risk of developing tooth decay or cavities during treatment, floss every day to clean in between them.

  • Stick to the 48-hour instruction.

    You should always wear your aligners for as long as possible, but this rule is especially important in the first two days. During these first 48 hours of wearing them, orthodontists recommend that you only take the aligners out to brush your teeth.

  • Commit to wearing them at least 22 hours a day.

    To go along with the previous rule, you have to be diligent about taking the aligners out as little as possible. You are more likely to get fast, positive results only if you are willing to wear them for at least 22 hours every day.

  • Change your aligners on time and in order.

    You won’t make the treatment go faster or more easily by changing aligners when you feel like it. Be sure always to follow the instructions of your doctor, whether he tells you to change it early, on schedule, or a few days later.

  • It will feel a little weird, but you’ll get used to it.

    It’s only to be expected that you’ll feel something in your mouth when you first begin wearing the aligners. It may even be uncomfortable (though not painful) to feel something pushing against your teeth, but as you wear the aligners as instructed for most hours of the day, you’ll notice them less and less.

  • Additionally, you’ll probably talk with a lisp when you first begin wearing the aligners. Instead of taking them out, however, keep them in and practice talking with them. Eventually, you’ll get used to speaking with them in.

  • Don’t be afraid to use the Invisalign attachments.

    These “buttons” are placed on your teeth before or during the Invisalign treatment and help to hold a tray in place or move a tooth. Some people shy away from them, but they can really help to speed up treatment.

  • Stick to your dietary instructions.

    First, it’s important that you drink a lot of water. Your mouth is going to sense the new “obstruction” and will increase saliva production to try to clear it out. You could become dehydrated if you don’t replenish with water. Also, be careful to follow the guidelines on what you can and should not eat given to you by your dentist. Not doing so could potentially set back the treatment.

  • Use your retainer properly.

    Just as with traditional braces, you’ll need to wear a retainer once the Invisalign treatment is complete. Not doing so could cause you to lose some of your progress. Most of the time, it’s recommended that you wear the retainer all day for a few months, then only nightly. Be sure to keep up with all follow-up appointments and pay close attention to post-care instructions from your dentist.